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YounaLuv Music Festival: A Spectacular Gambian Celebration on December 25, 2023

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YounaLuv: A Harmonious Fusion of Afrobeat Rhythms and Cultural Celebrations in The Gambia Yuna, The Gambia — Dec 18, 2023   YounaLuv, the highly anticipated cultural extravaganza, is set to light up The Gambia on December 25, 2023. This daylong celebration promises an unparalleled fusion of music, art, and community engagement, making it a mustattend event for all Gambians. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS YounaLuv Daytime Showcase:  Starting at noon, the event kicks off with dynamic performances and a battle for the stage by local primary and secondary schools and new emerging and rising talent. Gates opens at 11 AM. School Competitions: Witness the creativity and skill of young Gambian talents as local primary and secondary schools battle for the stage competing for prizes and the esteemed title of YounaLuv Top Talent Champions. Everyone gets involved as judges and the people's choice is considered in each school group's advancement in categories like poetry, music, a
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Afrobeats Africa Presents Inaugural YounaLuv Music Festival: A Celebration of Gambian Culture and Community

Celebrating Culture, Empowering Youth: Join Us in Making YounaLuv Festival a Community Success FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BUSUMBALA, THE GAMBIA — Afrobeats Africa, West Africa's premier record label, is proud to announce the inaugural YounaLuv Music Festival, a vibrant celebration of Gambian music and culture. The festival is set to take place on December 25th, 2023, in the heart of Youna village, The Gambia. "We believe that music is a powerful force for bringing communities together," The YounaLuv Music Festival aims to showcase the rich tapestry of talent within the local community while fostering a sense of unity and cultural pride. This event will feature performances by both emerging and established Gambian artists, as well as top comedians known throughout Africa. "We believe that music is a powerful force for bringing communities together," says Oslo "Biggie" Bieang, the driving force behind YounaLuv. "With this festival, we're not only cel

Busumbala, Gambia Becomes Headquarters For a New West African Record Label: Afrobeats Africa

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cellular Vibrations and MaximillianGroup Launch Afrobeats Africa: A New Dawn for African Music Busumbala, The Gambia and San Diego, California, USA - October 9, 2023 Cellular Vibrations, a leading force in digital marketing in Busumbala, The Gambia, and MaximillianGroup, a trailblazing digital marketing agency in San Diego, California, proudly announce the birth of Afrobeats Africa . This joint venture is set to redefine the West African music industry landscape, offering regional artists unparalleled opportunities for exposure, revenue generation, and professional development. "From dancehall of Dakar to the hottest highlife of Nigeria, Afrobeats Africa is going to be the source for the music of West Africa! We are the record label and soon music streaming service dedicated to showcasing the best of West African music. Our mission is to support emerging and established artists from the region and provide a platform for their music to be heard globally,"